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A show about two vegans, and a quest to make the world a better place.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Happy Anniversary!

    It’s been a year since we started the show, and we reminisce about our favourite moments from the show, and talk about why sometimes why we fail our attempts to go vegan (11:00). Apologies for our audio being a little weak on this episode. ...


  2. In other news, part II

    A recap of interesting news that caught our eyes over the last few weeks, and updates from the vegan world in Bangkok. ...


  3. #12: The labelled vegan

    We thought we’d get people’s thoughts on a few labels — specifically, why the gender ratio is so skewed (04:47), how people stereotype your ability to go vegan based on factors like nationality & culture (17:18) and how everyone assumes you’re now a health-freak. Special thanks to Hadi Al Muwaness, Pilar ...


  4. #11: What do you feed your pets?

    This week, we talk about two polarising topcs among the vegan community: is the idea of having pets vegan to begin with, and is it hypocritical if vegans feed meat to their pets? Our thanks to [Axe House]( ...


  5. #10: Plastic, not fantastic

    An action packed double-digit episode! We met some of our listeners at our first community event who were kind enough to share some of their thoughts. Our thanks to Joy, Nathalia & Sandy for those. The Two Vegans talk about the rising awareness around plastic—in particular, various companies who’ve taken ...