The Two Vegans

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A show about two vegans, and a quest to make the world a better place.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #19: Plant Power

    We talk with Tom, founder of Plant Power, a Dubai-based all vegan meal plan company. Tom shares his journey—both personal and professional—as well as trends and changes in the vegan food industry. ...


  2. Kid me not

    We’re talking veganism with ... kids! Ok, and their moms too. A cute episode with cute guests about what it’s like to be young & vegan, and what it’s like to parent a vegan child. ...


  3. It’s Piers, as in Piers Morgan

    Piers was in the news, and we figure out how to pronounce his name. Some of the latest happenings in the vegan space ... and our first listener question! Hit play now! ...


  4. Wildlife & Veganuary giveaway

    Happy 2019 folks! We talk wildlife, some scary statistics about land and ocean life, and how small things we do can have large scale impacts on animal life and our environment. We’ve also got a Veganuary giveaway*, post your favourite vegan moment from 2018 and tag us on [Instagram]( or [Facebook](, alongwith ...


  5. Circuses, and our annual giveaway!

    Talking about the public reaction to the new circus in Dubai. Also, listen in for details on entering our annual giveaway! A big thanks to our sponsor [SugarMoo]( for their support on this episode. ...